1. Improved Awareness of Constitutional Rights with an emphasis on Socio-Economic Rights and on vulnerable groups
    The Constitution requires that rights must be promoted

  2. Enhanced Participatory Democracy through Public Policy Dialogues on Constitutional Rights
    The Constitution provides the basic legal framework for participatory democracy by creating a body of rights such as the right to freedom of expression, to assembly, demonstration, picket and petition, and to vote

  3. Improved and sustained collaboration between Government, Chapter Nine Institutions, Civil society and other stakeholders in terms of justice service delivery and socio-economic rights (including support for Community Advice Offices)
    Amarightza will promote access to justice through a Community Advice Offices (CAOs) strategy, serving people in their communities at the grass roots

  4. Increased Research on Socio-Economic Rights and Jurisprudence
    The Constitution requires government, business and all persons to respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights set out in the Bill of Rights

  5. Improved Sector Co-ordination and Policy Design on Constitutional Development
    Amarightza will support DOJ&CD’s role in government’s Cluster System that is designed to effectively implement programmes towards the attainment of national priorities and the fulfilment of South Africa’s regional, continental and international human rights obligations

  6. Strengthened Capacity, Engagement and Participation of CSOs in the realisation of Constitutional Rights
    Amarightza will support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to strengthen their own capabilities for improved engagement, impact and sustainability when promoting and defending human rights