The Amarightza Programme initiates and funds projects related to human rights in order to strengthen partnerships between Civil Society and government to realise the rights envisaged in our Constitution.


The FHR awards grants and service contracts to civil society organisations working in the social justice and Human Rights Sector through the publication of Calls for Proposals and Expressions of Interest.

These are published on an ongoing basis in the print media, on the FHR website and through popular media.

Civil society organizations are also invited to submit proposals or expressions of interest to implement activities promoting and protecting Human Rights with specific focus areas in the Key Result Areas of the Amarightza Programme.


This is based on the principles of equity, transparency and fairness

The process includes:

  • The publication of the Calls
  • An assessment process which assesses whether your organisation is eligible to apply for a grant or service award and whether the proposal is relevant to the goals of the programme
  • Following a decision approving a grant or a service, a due diligence is conducted on site
  • Final approval of applications is taken to an Evaluation Committee (EVC) which is made up of the members of the FHR’s Supervisory Board
  • This will be followed by a process leading to a contract being signed between the FHR and the Grantee


Organisations that:

  • Have as their core business the promotion, protection and advancement of human rights
  • Are registered, or are in the process of registering as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), community-based organisation (CBO) a non-profit company (NPO), or a non-profit trust (only organisations that are not-for- profit are eligible)
  • Partnerships and Networks of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Academic, research and policy institutions engaged in applied research
  • For some projects, NGOs and CBOs working with Chapter 9 Institutions
  • Have a track record of working in the sector that the specific call for proposals target
  • Demonstrate that a proposed project will involve active community participation

Each call guideline specifies who is eligible to apply.


Advice Offices: Call for Proposals

Human Rights Awareness - Call for proposals