Yanaya Gender Film and Dialogue Festival

The Yanaya Gender Film and Dialogue Festival is funded by the Foundation for Human Rights under the Amarightza SEJA programme.

The programme will be hosting a second edition of the Gender Film and Dialogue festival which will be held in Kwazulu Natal on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October 2015. It will be held at the INKOSI MADODHA HALL.

The festival outline is as follows:

  • Seminar/Master Class: A motivational class with a women filmmaker for young people
  • Workshops: In partnership with gender based NGO’s and a woman’s shelter.
  • Panel discussion: Dealing with themes around gender based violence and films that explore those themes.

The way the workshops work is that after screening of a film which is topical in relation to the themes of corrective rape and other gender issues, it then has community activists and a film maker who are part of a 4 member panel discussing and engaging with the audience on issues raised in the film.

Yanaya Gender Film and Dialogue Festivalshowcases films mainly by women filmmakers looking at women and children’s issues around violence, silencing of women and challenges women and children face.